A Tiktoker Went Viral After Getting Real About Living In Canada Vs. The U.S.


A Tiktoker who moved from the U.S. to Canada has gone viral for sharing her expertise dwelling in each nations. Natasha, a journey blogger who posts as @theworldpursuit, has since obtained a lot of settlement from fellow American ex-pats and a few critique from Canadian viewers.

Her video “Things That Happened When I Moved From The U.S. to Canada” has garnered over 700K responses and has been seen almost 2.5M occasions.

“I’ve gotten lots of questions about how to move to Canada,” Natasha posted within the video feedback. It stands to motive, given Canada did lately rank because the 2nd most desirable country in the entire world.

She cites improved security as the very first thing she seen about dwelling in Canada, in comparison with the U.S.

“I stopped insisting on always locking my door,” she mentioned, sharing Canada’s excessive rating on the Global Peace Index. At the time the video was posted, Canada was in sixth place. It has since dropped to twelfth (though it did obtain a ‘B’ letter grade from a latest travel safety index).

In distinction, the U.S. ranked 128th on the Global Peace Index on the time of the video and has since dropped to 129th place in 2022 (the nation additionally scored an ‘F’ within the aforementioned journey security index).


This doesn’t imply to rob me #expat #usa #canada 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

But some Canadian viewers commented their concern about having extra Americans transfer north, citing lowered safety as a doable danger. Others questioned the TikToker’s door-locking practices.

“Where do you live in Canada that you don’t lock your door? Like every major city and surrounding cities have high crime,” requested one commenter.

“Perhaps I don’t live in a city,” Natasha replied mysteriously. She later added the comical line, “This doesn’t mean to rob me,” as her video caption.

Another distinction between Canada and the U.S., Natasha factors out, is the cash.

“I fell in love with [Canadian] money: it’s colourful and plastic. One and two dollars are coins!” she mentioned enthusiastically.

“‘Fell in love with money,’ girl, that’s the American in you,” one particular person joked in reply.

Lastly, Natasha admits to being “mildly infatuated” with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him ‘good-looking,’ whereas pretending the puke when a photograph of former U.S. President Donald Trump flashes within the background.

“I moved from Canada to the U.S. best decision I’ve ever made! So much happier here,” one commenter wrote, garnering a lot of settlement from fellow American ex-pats.

Meanwhile, a number of Canadians dwelling within the U.S. commented how a lot they missed house.


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