A TikToker Went Viral After Hilariously Explaining ‘How To Speak Canadian’ (VIDEO)


There’s no denying that Canadians have a fairly noticeable accent, however we have additionally acquired our personal means of speaking typically.

One TikToker hilariously defined this linguistic phenomenon in a video titled “How To Speak Canadian.” The content material creator, who goes by @just_rob17, shared a clip that showcases how Canadians have numerous methods of claiming each “yes” and “no” and the way we regularly use each in the identical sentence to imply various things. Confused? Let us clarify.

Rob began off the video saying “ya means ya and no means no,” which covers essentially the most fundamental technique. However, it will get hella complicated.


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How so? Well, Rob demonstrated how “no, ya” truly means “sure,” whereas “ya, no” — a easy reverse of the 2 phrases, merely means “no.” Now, whereas this may not make any sense, it makes whole sense while you truly put it to make use of.

The hilarity did not cease there! Rob upped the ante and took our Canadian colloquialisms to the subsequent stage. “Ya no, for sure,” means “yeah,” he mentioned. However, “ya ya ya,” truly means “no.”

As for “ya no ya,” Rob says that this actually means “I’m willing to do it,” and he isn’t flawed. But wait, if a Canadian had been to say “no ya no,” they’d truly be saying “there’s no way I’m doing it.” Facts!

The TikTok has gone on to amass practically 600,000 views and 41,000 likes and has everybody cracking up within the feedback.

“Never realized we do speak like this,” one person wrote. “Wait I never realized I’ve been saying all these thinking it’s super normal,” one other commented.

“I’m Canadian and I understood every single one of those,” one other wrote, and we perceive all the pieces, too!


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