• I will tell you about Ashram season 2, how did the critics feel from Ashram season to public?
  • Seeing the enthusiasm of the viewers in Ashram Web Series Part 1, finally Ashram Web Series Season 2 or part 2 has been released to the viewers.
  • However, Part One of the Ashram Web Series was launched on 28 August 2020 by A MX Player.

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  • As you all will know that the Ashram season 2 was very eagerly awaited by many people, due to which there was a lot of atmosphere in the public regarding season 2.

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1) Aashram web series Season 2 Budget

  • The budget of Ashram season 2 is more than 35 crore and this season was much loved by the public and critics.
  • So generally speaking, Ashram Season 2 has received four and a half ratings out of five.

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  • It is believed that this Ashram Season Two, released by A MX Player on 11 November 2020, is almost the biggest season of MX Player as it has earned crores of rupees on the OTT platform in almost the first day itself.
  • According to Mx Player, Ashram Season 2 has been watched by more than 780 million people from November 11 to November 20, although the box office collection of Ashram Season Two has crossed the one hundred and fifty crore (150 crore+) mark.

2) Aashram web series Season 2 Box office Collection

  • Almost the biggest season(Aashram season 2) of MX Player as it has earned 16 crores of rupees on the OTT platform in almost the first day itself.
  • By the way the total box office collection of Aashram Season 2 is 196 Crore and the total views of this season is more than 1 Billion!!!(Updated on Jan-2021)
  • MX Player introduces new and beautiful web series to the viewers from time to time and one of the features of MX Player is that they let you watch all the web series and all the episodes for FREE!

3) Some Nonsense things about Aashram web series

  • Something is as bad as it is portrayed in this web series.
  • As the Aashram web series is so long that you have to spend about 9 hours to watch this web series.
  • If the length of the Aashram web series had been reduced a bit, the viewers would still have responded well to this web series.
  • If a part of this web series had a length of about 30 to 35 minutes, it would be more appropriate.

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