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Aashram Web Series Review: Story About Religion and Superstition By Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol

  • After a long time I saw a new web series in a new style.
  • Because every web series includes things like fights, murders, thieves-police etc. but there is something different in this web series.
  • MX Player introduces new and beautiful web series to the viewers from time to time and one of the features of MX Player is that they let you watch all the web series and all the episodes for FREE!
  • Before watching any movie or web series, you must first read its review because by reading the review you will know whether this web series is really “worth watching”
  • If you go to see a movie or a website directly, your time, internet and money are wasted.
  • So I will tell you the true and reliable review of Aasharm web series:

1) Quick Update

Web Series NameAashram web series
Is this web series is worth watchable?70% Watchable
Original NetworkMX Player
GenreCrime Drama
DirectorPrakash Jha
Main CastBobby Deol
Aaditi Pohankar
Chandan Roy
No. Of Season1
No. Of Episodes9
ProducerPrakash Jha
CinematographyChandan Kowli

2) who should watch Aasharm Web Series?

  • I have a say to all that those who still believe in superstition should definitely watch this web series and show it to others.
  • It seems that Aasharam Bapu and Ram Rahim have been mentioned(Web series Story wise) in the Aashram web series.
Aashram Web Series Review: Story About Religion and Superstition By Prakash Jha  and Bobby Deol
  • After watching this web series, you will realize which of these types of devotees I am.

3) What is mainly found in Aashram Web Series?

If I were to tell you the full story of this web series then you would be bored watching this web series, so I will tell you the story of this web series shortly.

  • The Aashram web series mainly deals with many things including God, devotees, faith, Aashram.
  • In the Aashram web series, Bobby Deol is the Guru / God for the devotees, Although this does not happen anywhere in reality, many people ensnare people by pretending to be Guru and God.
  • And most of the people don’t even know who my guru or god is because of which people associate with any hypocritical men they like.
Aashram Web Series Review: Story About Religion and Superstition By Prakash Jha  and Bobby Deol
  • And later those who have accompanied the hypocritical Guru take the money and wealth from the hypocritical Guru devotees and make the devotees helpless, Something similar is found in the web series.

4) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Acting – 8/10

Directing – 10/10

Music – 7/10

Suspense – 6/10

Thriller – 4/10

Cinematography – 9/10

Overall Experience – 7/10

5) Some Nonsense things about Aashram web series

  • Something is as bad as it is portrayed in this web series.
  • As the Aashram web series is so long that you have to spend about 9 hours to watch this web series.
  • If the length of the Aashram web series had been reduced a bit, the viewers would still have responded well to this web series.
  • If a part of this web series had a length of about 30 to 35 minutes, it would be more appropriate.

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