It is the flip of the sufferers to endure because of the dilapidated situation of LG Hospital run by Ahmedabad Corporation. It is to be talked about that the variety of sufferers within the hospital can also be growing daily because the epidemic is growing.

Ahmedabad: It is the flip of sufferers to be irritated following the dilapidated situation of LG Hospital, a company run by Ahmedabad. The situation of the sufferers within the hospital is deplorable on account of torn pillows, sheetless beds and bismar beds.

People affected by the epidemic are coming to LG Hospital for remedy. But right here they’re being supplied with the most recent amenities. These scenes are revealing the poor efficiency of the well being administration of the so-called good metropolis of Ahmedabad. These scenes alone present how careless the AMC authorities are within the well being sector.

The situation of the sufferers is pitiable

The company exhibits the price of tens of millions of rupees behind pillows, beds, sheets for the comfort of sufferers within the hospital. Although beds usually are not accessible, mattress beds are made and sheets are barely seen, leaving sufferers in dire straits.

On the opposite hand, even the hospital authorities don’t appear to care concerning the sufferers. Hospital authorities are claiming sub-safety. Also, the physician of the hospital says that the beds are sufficient however the variety of sufferers has elevated, on account of which this sort of situation has arisen.

Significantly, there was a major enhance in instances of dengue, rooster pox, cholera and typhoid at LG Hospital. In the final 20 days, 72 instances of dengue, 55 instances of typhoid, 11 instances of cholera and 17 instances of hepatitis-A have been reported.

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