Are Surf Excel's Products Good? Surf Excel Powder, Liquid & Soap Review

Are Surf Excel’s Products Good? Surf Excel Powder, Liquid & Soap Review

  • Every woman working in the house has a duty to keep the utensils and clothes of every member of her household clean.
  • So they take great care to keep the utensils and clothes clean.
  • But mainly they have the same question:
  • Which liquid or powder should I use to wash dishes and clean clothes?
  • So today we are going to tell you about one of the best, oldest and best known brand for clothes and utensils.
  • So Let’s Find Out Today, Surf Excel Company’s Powder, Soap And Liquid Reviews, Ratings, Different Types Of Products, Whether It Is worth Buying Soap, Powder Or Liquid From this Company Or Not? And much more …

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1) Can I Use Surf Excel Products For Washing My Clothes And Cleaning Dishes?

  • Yes, you can definitely use Surf Excel company’s product for your daily work.
  • For almost the last several years, the first choice of every housewife has been the product of this company.
  • This Company manufactures its own product keeping in view everything in mind.
  • Such as … Powder & Soaps Available from Rs. 10 to Rs. 1000, Liquids Available from 200 grams to 5 kilograms etc…
  • And the products of Surf Excel Company can easily remove dirty stains like tea, coffee, lemon stains, turmeric etc.
  • But over the years my mom has seen that when my mom washes clothes in the washing machine, she first cleans the clothes with soap and only then puts the clothes in the washing machine.

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  • This means that Surf Excel’s Powder or Liquid does not completely remove stains from your clothes.
  • But it can easily clean up to 70% of stains on your clothes.

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Quality – 8.6/10

Quantity – 9/10

Price (Value for money) – 7/10

Ability to remove stubborn stains – 6.8/10

Overall Experience – 8.1/10

Surf excel’s Easy Wash Det. Powder, 4 Kg

3) About Surf Excel Company

  • This is a product / brand of Unilever Multinational Company based in London.
  • However the company successfully sells its products like food, drink, ice cream etc. in more than 190 countries.
  • But the amazing thing is that this company is 90 years old!
  • And the company’s small brand Surf Excel is sold in big countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

4) My opinion On Surf Excel

  • For the past many years we use the surf excel to wash the cloth and clean the dishes. But as I stated earlier, only 70 percent of this powder goes stain on the wardrobe .
  • Although this may prove to be a bad thing, but in my opinion this company should bring some improvement in its product.

If you also use the product of this Company or you want to say something about this Company you can also tell us your valuable opinion 🙂

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