Beat Saber is getting a new block type coming soon

Beat Saber, the digital actuality rhythm recreation accessible on Quest 2 and different VR headsets, will obtain a brand new block sort because the recreation left early entry in 2019.

Earlier this week, the developer had posted a picture to Twitter from the sport exhibiting half a block and several other segments trailing it on a curve. The neighborhood guessed what the brand new notice might be and even nicknamed it as “sliders.”

The recreation’s lead degree creator confirmed quickly after that the notice is a brand new block sort and never a conversion. The degree creator had additionally mentioned that the brand new block was “40+ months in the making” and won’t be added into older maps, although it was thought of.

The new notice ought to convey a unique problem to Beat Saber, one of many best Quest 2 games, with much more longer swiping motions to interrupt up the fast swipes of regular notes. Although, it would solely be accessible in newer packs of songs, which leaves out the lately launched Lady Gaga DLC pack. The new notice can be coming to the sport quickly, although no actual date was introduced.

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