Best Gujarati books

Top 8 fascinated Gujarati Books that you should read in your life

The Best Gujarati Books You Should Read Here is a list of the best Gujarati books written by famous authors that you should read.

Satya na prayogo

Satya na prayogo Gandhi’s autobiography. In order for us to live in an independent India, Mahatma Gandhi encountered many difficulties in his life. …All his battles and brave stories will give you a new perspective on yourself and your life. He has been preaching the path to truth and non-violence, and you can understand its effectiveness by reading this article.


Ashwini Bhatt’s “OthaarNovel” This book will take you on a very enjoyable adventure. It describes the details of this place in a very interesting way. The design is very good. You will read the second part of the book. section. Also know the conspiracy. This book describes freedom fighters and their path against British rule.

Manvini Bhawai

Manvini Bhawai’s novel by Pannalala Patel, written in 1947, tells the story of a farmer struggling to survive in famine. This allows you to understand the atrocities faced by many people. It won many awards and was later translated into English.


Saraswaticandra Roman Govardhanrama Madhavarama Tripathi This book can be considered a masterpiece of Gujarati literature. It has been highly praised by many critics. And many readers.Later, movies, plays and TV series were made based on this book. Talk about love, family politics and spiritual travel. A wonderful work that is still known today. Explain the maze of the Buddhidhan and Gunasundari families very carefully.

Malela Jeev

Malela Jeev Novel by Pannal Patel is a beautiful romance novel published in the 1940s. It tells about the difficulties of love between different castes and shows the true face of society. It has been well received by readers and critics alike. This book has also been adapted and translated into multiple languages.

Nirja Bhargav

First published in 1979 by Nirja Bhargav Roman Ashwini Bhatt, this book is full of worries and fears. It includes various entertainment activities such as mafia, drugs, murder, and the story of a girl trying to figure it out. The breathtaking plot and conspiracy will surely capture the hearts of all readers and inspire you.


You will love this character and his predatory style. Zaversand Megani’s novel This is a historical novel by the famous writer, poet and freedom fighter Javershand Megani. From Gujarat. Many of his works have been well received by everyone and enjoy a high reputation in the field of Gujarati language and literature. Veishal means obligation; this book contains 19 exciting stories that you will definitely be interested in. It is definitely a good book for dark lovers.

Amirali Thag ni pila Rumal ni Gath

Harkishan Mehta’s novel Amirali Thag ni pila Rumal ni Gath was first published in 1970 and is based on the work of Amirali Thag. The Diocese of Taga that dominated during the British rule.You have described emotions and fears in great detail.

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