Bhanwar Web Series Review: Zee 5's Most Nonsense Web Series - Starring Karanvir Bohra

Bhanwar Web Series Review: Zee 5’s Most Nonsense Web Series – Starring Karanvir Bohra

  • Since I’ve seen a lot of web series during the recent lockdown, I think the same thing is shown to the public in almost all web series.
  • And after watching the bhanwar web series, I decided to kill its director Karanvir Bohra and Deepak.
  • Because of the lockdown, our brains don’t work and these people present so much nonsense web series to the viewers.
  • If you are thinking of watching this web series, please read this article!
  • Let’s know today Bhanwar(Zee5) Review, Rating, Plot, Screenplay, Story, Cast & Crew, All Epidodes and many more…
  • Before watching any movie or web series, you must first read its review because by reading the review you will know whether this web series is really “worth watching”.
  • If you go to see a movie or a web series directly, your time, internet and money are wasted!
  • So I will tell you the true and reliable review of Bhanwar web series.

1) Quick Update

Is the Bhanwar Really Worth Watching?NO (Viewable percentage – 35%)
Name/Title Bhanwar Web Series
Available On Zee5
Focused ThingsRomance, Love
Release Date 18/8/2020 
No. Of Seasons 
Total Episode8
Box Office Collection Coming Soon
BudgetNot Known
Free/Paid Paid
Language Hindi 
Subtitles Available in English 
No. Of Views 
Director Karanvir Bohra
Original NetworkZEE5
Main CastKaranvir Bohra
Priya Benerjee

2) What will be seen mainly in Bhanwar web series?

The following items I found in the Bhanwar Web Series:

Bhanwar Web Series Review: Zee 5's Most Nonsense Web Series - Starring Karanvir Bohra

Couple story
Nonsense acting
Third Class Story

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Acting – 8/10

Story – 3/10

Directing – 4/10

Cinematography – 8/10

Overall Experience – 5.5/10

4) Story Of Bhanwar Web Series(Zee5) Web Series In Just Few Words

If I tell you the full story of this web series, you will not like this web series, so I will present you this web series in just a few words.

  • The web series begins with Karanvir Bohra and his girlfriend, though his girlfriend is Priya Banerjee.
Bhanwar Web Series Review: Zee 5's Most Nonsense Web Series - Starring Karanvir Bohra
  • The couple has taken Rs 20 crore in cash from the bank and is moving into a new house.
  • And when they go home, new things happen to them.
  • You have to watch this web series to see all that happens and what happens next but “I would suggest that if you don’t watch this web series it won’t matter much!”

5) My Opinion On Bhanwar Web Series

  • There are a number of flaws in this web series, such as; Directing, Story, Acting (although “Karanvir Bohra’s acting was pretty good”) etc …
  • There is no thriller or excitement in this web series, so the viewers did not have any fun in this web series.
  • The length of the web series is very short, but it has to be fast forwarded while watching the web series.
  • In short, you will not waste your valuable time watching this web series!

If you have also seen the bhanwar web series or you want to say something about this web series you can also submit your valuable opinion here.

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