Bindu Sarovar(Siddhpur) Review – A Holy Place For MatruShraddha

Bindu Sarovar(Siddhpur) Review - A Holy Place For Shraddha
  • Many years old and the center of faith for the devotees, People come to here mainly for Matrushraddha.
  • However, Bindu means drop of water, This Sarovar is presently located at the Siddhpur City, Gujarat.
  • Let’s talk today about the years old Bindu Sarovar and know its mythological information, additions, reviews, Facts and much more …

1) Introduction Of Bindu Sarovar

  • Siddhpur is a well known city in Gujarat which is located about 130 km from Ahmedabad.
  • The lake was artificially created years ago on the land of Siddhpur.
  • In our India, mainly five lakes are considered sacred.

1) Kailash Man Sarovar

2) Narayan Sarovar

3) Pushkar Sarovar

4) Pampa Lake

5) Bindu Sarovar Siddhpur (Lake)

Amitabh Bachchan At Bindu  Sarovar - Siddhpur - Gujarat - Bindu Sarovar(Siddhpur) Review - A Holy Place For MatruShraddha
  • At present there are other small and big temples at this place and this place is also maintained in a systematic manner by the Government of Gujarat.
  • And nowadays this place has been made a wonderful tourist destination by the Gujarat Government.
  • There are various exhibition halls ahead.
  • And in these exhibition rooms are stored years old relics, king’s swords – weapons and other mythological information.
  • And now this place has become so beautiful that many youngsters come there to photography!

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Lake – 9/10

Exhibition – 8.3/10

Parks – 10/10

Atmosphere – 10/10

Overall experience – 9.8/10

3) Some Unknown Facts About Bindu Sarovar Siddhpur

  • According to the mythology, there was an ashram of Shri Kapil Rishi in front of this Sarovar.
Bindu Sarovar - Siddhpur - Gujarat - Bindu Sarovar(Siddhpur) Review - A Holy Place For MatruShraddha
Bindu Sarovar – Siddhpur – Gujarat –
  • And here, Shri Karma Rishi did penance for about 10,000 years.
  • Shraddha of Shri Parashuram’s mother was also performed here.
  • This Sarovar is also mentioned in the Rig Veda, “one of the four major book of Hindu culture.”
  • And not only that, this lake has also been written in scriptures like Mahabharata

4) My opinion on Bindu Sarovar Siddhpur

  • I live in Ahmedabad but my village is Siddhpur.
  • So whenever I have to go to Siddhpur, I must go to see Bindu Sarovar.
  • Although at first this lake was not so good, but after the creation of gardens and exhibitions by the Gujarat government, the splendor of Bindu Lake has flourished.

If you also go Patan – Siddhpur, you must visit this Sarovar.

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