[REVIEW] Is Bulbbul Horror? Anushka Sharma’s Bulbbul(Netflix)

[REVIEW] Is Bulbbul Horror? Anushka Sharma’s Bulbbul(Netflix)

  • Bulbbul is a horror/terrible/scary film, Which is directed by Anvita Dutt.
  • However, Anvita Dutt has successfully directed many films before this.
  • So let’s talk today about Bulbbul movie Review, Rating, Story, Genre, Cast & Crew, Box Office Collection, Budget And Much More
  • Before watching any movie or web series, you must first read its review because by reading the review you will know whether this movie is really “worth watching”.
  • If you go to see a movie or a webseries directly, your timeinternet and money are wasted.
  • “So I will tell you the true and reliable review of Bulbbul Movie:

1) Introduction of Bulbbul

  • The movie Bulbbul was released by Netflix on 24/6/2020.
  • This film produced by famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.
  • However, actress Anushka Sharma often brings “something innovative” to the audience from her own production house(Clean Slate Films).
  • However, the film deals with the region of Bengal.

2) Who Should Watch this Movie – “Bulbbul Movie…?”

  • After watching the trailer of the film, you must have guessed that this film has ghost stories.
  • However I will suggest you some films like Bulbbul film here, so that you realize whether this film is worth watching for me or not.

Simir movies like Bulbbul – Pari, Tumbbad, Bhoot Part 1, Stree, Lupt, Ek Thi Daayan, aatma, 1921 etc…

 Bulbbul movie Review, Rating, Story, Genre,  Cast & Crew, Box Office Collection, Budget

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Music – 8.7/10

Thriller – 8/10

Mysterious – 9/10

Acting – 7.3/10

Story – 8.6/10

Overall Review – 8.3/10

4) Full Information Of “Bulbbul Movie”(Netflix)

Name/Title Bulbbul
Available On Netflix
Focused Things(Genre)Horror(Scary, Terrible), Thriller,
Ghost Stories
Release Date 24/6/2020
Length94 min
Budget52 Crore(Apporx)
Free/Paid Paid
Language Hindi
Subtitles Available in Hindi
& English 
Director Anvita Dutt
Written ByAnvita Dutt
Main Cast Avinash Tiwary
Tripti Dimri
Paoli Dam
Parambrata Chattopadhyay
Rahul Bose
ProducerAnushka Sharma
Karnesh Sharma
Production CompanyClean Slate Films
Distributed ByNetflix
Box Office CollectionComing Soon…
Public Rating4.5/5

5) Story Of Bulbbul Movie(Netflix) In Just Few Words

If I tell you the full story of this movie, you will not like this movie, so I will present you this movie in just a few words.

  • The film deals mainly with a girl named Bulbbul who lives in Bengal.
  • In this film, Satya talks to her about ghosts.
 Bulbbul movie Review, Rating, Story, Genre,  Cast & Crew, Box Office Collection, Budget
  • Later in the film, Bulbbul finds out that “I am married to another man who is much older than me.”
  • And going on in the film, there are murders, robberies, scary stories of witches and some mysterious events that will frighten you.
  • The story of this film is very interesting and the whole film is presented in a Dark theme.

6) My Opinion On Bulbbul Movie

  • I really like the music of this movie and some mystery stories.
  • The directing of the film and the acting done by the characters is also very good.
  • “If you are interested in ghost stories then you should definitely watch this movie.
  • And “if you are scared of ghosts and witches, please don’t watch this movie because there are so many horrible scenes in this movie.”

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