CM Rupani warmly welcomes golden victory torch on Ahmedabad Sabarmati coast

Welcoming the golden victory torch on the holy land of Gujarat on the banks of Sabarmati, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani mentioned that this victory torch symbolizes the dedication and sacrifice of the heroes of the Indo-Pakistani struggle of 191.

CM Rupani warmly welcomes Swarnim Vijay Mashaal on Ahmedabad Sabarmati Riverfront

The ‘Golden Victory Torch’, which reached the Ahmedabad Sabarmati coast, was warmly welcomed by the Chief Minister on behalf of the six and a half crore folks of the state. Addressing a operate on the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad to honor the heroes of the 1971 Indo-Pakistani struggle, Governor Acharya Devvarta mentioned that the heroism with which the Indian Military fought the 1971 struggle remains to be remembered right this moment.

The governor mentioned that victory in struggle shouldn’t be solely achieved with arms, but additionally the bravery and dedication of the military performs an essential position. On the event, the Governor additionally referred to the current response of the Indian Military to the regionalist forces. He mentioned that heroism has all the time been glorified within the Indian custom. Solely a hero can undergo Vasundhara.

Welcoming the Golden Victory Torch on the holy land of Gujarat on the shores of Sabarmati, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani mentioned that this victory is an emblem of dedication and sacrifice of the heroes of the Indo-Pakistani Warfare of 191. Air strikes and surgical strikes That is what Chief Minister Vijay Rupani mentioned within the Swarnim Vijay Mashal program.

Giving the background of this system, the Chief Minister mentioned that with the intention to preserve alive the heroic story of the troopers of the nation within the 1971 struggle, Prime Minister Modi has launched 4 victory torches in all instructions throughout the nation on the holy day of December 16, 2020. The story of the heroism of the heroes and the patriotism of the folks is being transmitted.

In right this moment’s program, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, recalling the sacrifices of Bhuj’s moms and sisters within the struggle of 191, mentioned that within the struggle of 191, when the enemy nation attacked and broken Bhuj’s airbase, Bhuj’s moms and sisters united with Veeranganas to shut the airbase in a really brief time. By undoing the Air Pressure was helped in battle.

Expressing pleasure in direction of the Indian Military, the Chief Minister mentioned that the troopers of the three wings of the nation are stationed on the border day and evening and are able to serve the nation. Even in conditions like struggle, the dedication of the troopers of the nation has additionally launched the eagerness of service to the nation. On this regard, the Chief Minister additionally referred to the battle between the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Taliban in Afghanistan, saying that the Taliban have taken over many areas of Afghanistan.

Describing right this moment’s program as an inspiration for the youth, the Chief Minister mentioned that the youth will understand the sacrifices of the nation’s heroes. And thru it, the youth can be imbued with the spirit of patriotism.

The historic and decisive victory of the Indian Armed Forces within the 1971 struggle between India and Pakistan is a testomony to the sacrifice and bravado of the troopers and a supply of inspiration to the folks of our nation. Preparations have been made by the State Authorities at Nadabet to make them conscious of varied points of border safety.

Suravali was lit by an Military band for the martyrs who performed a key position within the 1971 Indo-Pakistani struggle and sacrificed their lives for the nation. This Military band performed numerous heroic songs and painted the viewers in patriotic colours. Basic Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Southern Command JS Nann, a senior officer of the Ahmedabad Golden Dagger Division and different troopers of the 1971 struggle have been current on the event.


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