• Bhuvan bam(BB Ki Vines) who has been uploading videos on youtube for the last 5 years and putting a smile on everyone’s face, has come up with a new romantic song, Heer Ranjha.
  • However bhuvan bam youtube channel name is bb ki vines.
  • And to date, bhuvan bam has more than 18 million subscribers on its youtube channel!
  • However, Heer Ranjha song has received more than 25 lakh views in just 4 hours!
  • So let’s talk today about bhuvan bam latest romantic and love song Heer Ranjha’s Review, Rating And full Information Of This Song.

1) Introduction Of Heer Ranjha Song

  • Bhuvan bam has already uploaded about 6 songs on his youtube channel.
  • This Ranjha song is Bhuvan bam 7th video song.
  • The Heer Ranjha song uploaded by bhuvan bam on 12 July 2020.
  • However this video song mainly bhuvan bam shows that he missed his partner a lot at the present time.
  • This song is presented in the form of a complete Animation.
  • In this song, bhuvan bam is often seen in a car with his girlfriend, sometimes out of the earth, sometimes in a boat running in the river, sometimes walking on the road.
  • You may also have seen many romantic video song on youtube, But if there is such a Animation-like romantic song on youtube it is this Heer Ranjha song.
  • The song mainly features the following:




Missing His Partner

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Romantic – 8/10

Hip Hop – (Mostly not included)

Lyrics – 9/10

Bhuvan’s Voice – 10/10

Overall Experience – 9/10

3) Full Information About Heer Ranjha Song

Song NameHeer Ranjha
SingerBhuvan Bam
Youtube ChannelBB Ki Vines
Written ByBhuvan Bam
Composed ByBhuvan Bam
Sung ByBhuvan Bam
Music ProductionOmkar Tamhan
ProducerSakshi Bhasin
GuitarsChaitanya Bhaidkar
Home Mic SetupJoshua Moses
Creative DirectorSakshi Bhasin
IllustratorRahul Jha

4) My Opinion On Heer Ranjha Song

  • I have heard six songs by bhuvan bam before this.
  • I like the song of bhuvan bam very much.
  • When a big musician releases a song, the views of that song are going to be in the millions, but this is a youtuber whose comedy video also gets more views and the video song also has more views!
  • But to be honest, if “bhuvan bam had made this song by shooting a video, this song would have been more famous among his fans!”
  • But the fact that bhuvan bam made this song into a Animation-like format seems to be something new.

If you have also heard this song of bhuvan bam or if you want to say something about this song of bhuvan bam then you can tell us your valuable opinion here 🙂

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