Additional Tips and Tricks for IELTS reading that you MUST read BEFORE you look at the answers below.

😇Do meditation and concentrate your brain to the reading passage.
😵Never terrifie with the IELTS reading module, everyone has a plenty of questions, so don’t worry and stay away with the bothering people.
📒Read some essential pro tip which is already mentioned after answers, I know it is same as always, yet if you read it every-time whenever you come here, then your fluency in reading will be escalated grammatically.
😍Remember one thing in mind: there is always an answer for each type of question, so look again and again on the reading passage but don’t be pessimist.

Why we didn’t mention the answers with Justification?

Look, we have a wonderful team for running this website, and also knowledgeable person but if we provide all thing with justification then you never try to find answer and its location. Thus, when you look the answers which we’ve provided, then don’t move to next question. Stop and look the location of answer. 😊

💯 However, we are always with you, then don’t feel yourself alone when you are solving reading passage! Just comment in comment section and we will be there in few moments! 😉

Here we mentioned Cambridge IELTS 11 Reading Answers Test 2- passage 1, passage 2, passage 3

Reading Passage 1: Reading Answers of RAISING THE MARY ROSE





5. C

6. B

7. G

8. A

9. (lifting) frame

10. hydraulic jacks

11. stabbing guides

12. (lifting) cradle

13. air bags


14. ii

15. ix

16. viii

17. i

18. iv

19. vii

20. vi

21. farming

22. canoes

23. birds

24. wood

25. B

26. C

Reading Passage 3: Reading Answers of NEUROAESTHETICS

27. C

28. D

29. B

30. A

31. C

32. B

33. H


35. YES

36. NO

37. NO

38. YES


40. A

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Master piece of advise that you should read every-time when you come here

Check it step by step, we have provided almost all type of quires here. However, if you feel like something is missing or incorrect, then don’t forget comment section is our communication house, we love to hear you!

Diagram type question :

IELTS Academic Reading: Cambridge 2 Test 1 Reading passage 1; AIRPORTS ON WATER; with best solutions and best explanations

In this type of question, candidates are asked to label a diagram with WORDS FROM A GIVEN LIST from the passage. Keywords are important to find answers correctly. Generally, this type of question maintains a sequence. However, we should not be surprised if the sequence is not maintained. Find the keywords in the passage and you are most likely to find the answers.

Fill in the blanks with synonyms

In this type of question, candidates are asked to complete a summary with list of words taken from the passage. Candidates must write the correct WORDS which are given in the box under the questions as the answers. Keywords and synonyms are important to find answers correctly. Generally, this type of question maintains a sequence. Find the keywords in the passage and you are most likely to find the answers.

List of Heading

[In this inquiry type, IELTS candidates are given a rundown of headings, generally related to bring down case Roman numerals (I, ii, iii, and so on,) A heading will allude to the fundamental thought of the passage or part of the content. Up-and-comers should discover the same going to the right passages or segments, which are set apart with letters in order A, B, C, etc. Applicants need to compose the proper Roman numerals in the crates on their answer sheets. There will consistently be a few a bigger number of headings than there are passages or areas. Along these lines, a portion of the headings won’t be utilized. Almost certainly, a few passages or segments may not be remembered for the assignment. By and large, the principal passage is a model section which will be accomplished for the contender for their comprehension of the errand.

Tips to address this inquiry: Don’t peruse the rundown of headings first. Have a brief glance at the inquiries, and go directly to the principal question and begin perusing the passage related with it. Skimming is the best understanding method. You need not see each word here. Simply attempt to accumulate the significance of the sentences. That’s it in a nutshell. Peruse rapidly, and don’t stop until you finish each sentence.

True, False and Not Given

The statement in the question matches with the claim of the writer in the text- YES
The statement in the question contradicts with the claim of the writer in the text- NO
The statement in the question has no clear connection with the account in the text- NOT GIVEN

TIPS: For this kind of inquiry, you can partition every assertion into three autonomous pieces and clear your path through with the answer.

Question and Answer

In this kind of questions candidates have to answer some questions, only with some conditions like NO MORE THAN THREE/TWO WORDS and/or A NUMBER or, ONE WORD ONLY. Each question has keywords which will lead to the answer. This question type generally follows a sequence.

Multiple choice questions(MCQs)

This type of question asks you to choose a suitable answer from the options using the knowledge you gained from the passage. Generally, this question is set found as the last question set in most passages so you should not worry much about it. Finding all the answers for previous questions gives you a good idea about these questions.

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