DANGER!!! Immediately Delete All 52 Chinese Applications!

DANGER!!! Immediately Delete All 52 “Chinese Applications!”

Caution !! Caution !! Beware of Chinese app!

  • Share the article now and remove the Chinese app just mentioned below.
  • If you do not remove the following application, your phone could be hacked by hackers.
  • And here are some suggested apps that can be downloaded instead of the Chinese app!!! (the app is quite secure)

1) Can My Personal Data Be Hacked By Hackers!??

  • There will be some things in your phone that you may not be aware of!
  • And when you have no idea, all your data, phone number, address, bank, card details, etc., are being leaked by hackers.
DANGER!!! Immediately Delete All 52 Chinese Applications!
  • So today we are going to talk about the list of 52 Chinese applications released by the Government of India that you need to delete from your phone immediately.
  • If you do not delete this application, your phone could be easily hacked by hackers.

2) Why Should I Delete The Chinese Applications??

  • Certain applications that you install from the play store and when you open them, the app takes away all your details.
  • And you give your personal details to the owner of the application in one click.
  • Which inadvertently takes full advantage of you and leaks your data easily.
  • Sources say that some companies sell your phone number, address and valuable details to others for just six paise!
  • And if this kind of scam is going on in many places then you need to be aware of these things nowadays.
  • However, the Government of India has taken an important and significant step in this regard.
DANGER!!! Immediately Delete All 52 Chinese Applications! Uninstall chinese apps from your phone
  • The Indian government has recently ordered the deletion of 52 Chinese applications.
  • “This is not just an order of the Government of India but a responsibility for your complete security.”

3) List Of The 52 Chinese Applications!!

  • Here we have given you two columns, one of which is for deleting Chinese application.
  • And you will be happy to know that the second column is the same application that is absolutely secure!!!

Tik – TokMitron
ZoomSay Namaste Video Calling App
Vault – HideApp Lock
VIGO VideoMitron
Bigo LiveBharatMatrimony
Share itEasyShare
UC NewsDailyhunt
Beuaty PlusB612
UC BrowserChrome
Club FactoryAmazon
KwaiSnack Video
News DogNewshunt
Photo WonderPicsArt
Apus BrowserChrome
Viva VideoKine Master
Perfect CorpPerfect Me
CM BrowserChrome
Virus CleanerAVG Antivirus
MI Community
DU RecorderScreen Recorder
YouCam MakeupPicsArt
MI Store
360 SecurityAvast Antivirus
DU Battery SaverStep Counter
DU BrowserChrome
DU PrivacyPrivacy Master
Clean Master – CheetahAvast
Cache Clear DU Apps StudioAvast
Baidu TranslateGoogle Translet
Baidu Mapgoogle Map
Wonder CameraPicsArt
ES File ExplorerFile Explorer
QQ InternationalFacebook
QQ LancherAction Launcher
QQ Security Centre Avast
QQ PlayerMX Player
QQ MusicGaaana
QQ MailGmail
QQ NewsFeedDailyhunt
Selfie CityB612
WeSyncEasy Diet
Clash Of KingsClash Of Clans
Mail MasterGmail
Mi Video Call-XiaomiSay Namste Video Calling App
Parallel SpaceDual Space
XenderShare Apps & File Transfer

4) My Opinion On Chinese Applications

  • I have also uninstalled dangerous apps from my phone from the list of 52 Chinese apps released by the Government of India.
  • However there were only 2 apps in my phone that were dangerous.
  • Let me also requested to you that you should uninstall this app to your phone now.

And don’t forget to share this article so you can save your family and your friends from this disaster.

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