India to Canada, US, Australia Student Packing List: Checklist of Luggage & Bag, Medicines, Electronics and more...

India to Canada, US, Australia Student Packing List: Checklist of Luggage & Bag, Medicines, Electronics and more…

Every yr 1000’s of scholars migrate to totally different nations like Canada, America, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, France and many others. to review and cool down.

But when college students are going to review from India or different nations, they’ve selected a superb college faculty however there are a lot of issues to needless to say will get them working sooner or later and the factor is find out how to pack a bag. The large query is what to take from India to Canada, New Zealand, America, or some other nation with the required tools and different crucial issues.

So holding in thoughts the identical factor I’ve very effectively famous right here all types of issues that you need to have baggage tools resembling cell digicam to earphones cooking utensils crucial digital merchandise and many others. checklist could be very neatly given. Is.

I’m positive you’ll prefer to learn this text for positive, as a result of right here is the direct hyperlink of the product that can open within the direct amazon utility and from there it is possible for you to to purchase these objects and in addition you possibly can attain the merchandise by clicking on the picture of the merchandise!

Luggage & Bags guidelines for International scholar

Pro Tips :
● Always Buy “PolyPropylene” Kind of baggage NOT “Polycarbonate” or “Fabric Material’
● Because they’re light-weight and Strong plus they’ve shell design

● 🧳 Travel Luggage Bags
Carry On Bag & Laptop bag(Quantity 1 of Each)
😍 Best Option : Kamiliant by American Tourister

😍 Best Option Laptop Bag : Swisslook Polyester Bange Series

😊 Honorable Mention : AmazonBasics Backpack

Luggage Bag (Quantity 2 or 3, Based in your Airline)
😍 Best Option : Kamiliant by American Tourister

💊Essential Medicines List for International Student(CANADA, US, australia)

Pro Tips :
● Make Sure To Get a Doctor’s Prescription 󰞯
● You Can NOT SKIP any single Item on this web page

🔥 Most Most Most Important
Hand Sanitizer :
Masks (N-95 , Cotton) :
Face Shield :

Multivitamin & Zincovit & Vita C & Vita D Tablets
A Pouch To Put all Medicines :
💉 Symptoms : Possible Medicines for Getting Better
Fever, Cold, Headache, Body Pain : Crocin, Paracetamol, Combiflam, Disprin
Vomiting : Avomine, vomikind card
Indigestion, Gastric Problem : Eno
Skin Infection : Antifungal Cream, Avil25, Gramocef
Common Cold : Vicks Vaporrub, Coldact
Stomach Pain : Cyclopam
Nasal Spray : Otrivian
Diarrhea : LopaMide
Teeth Pain : Dentone

Basic First Aid Stuff for worldwide college students

Band Aids
Pain Spray
Burning Gel
Cough Syrup
Nasal Spray

Electronics Items for travelling to overseas

✌ Pro Tips :
● You Could Skip Some Items in ‘GOOD TO HAVE’ Category however ensure you have each merchandise from ‘MUST HAVE’
Category. ⚠
● Make A Print of this PDF and use Check Box whereas your packing so that you don’t miss out something 😀 )
💥 Must Have
● ⚡ Power Bank
😍 Best Option : Mi Pocket 10,000 Mah

😊 Honorable Mention : Real Me 10,000 Mah

● 󰡫Trimmer
😍 Best Option : Mi Beard Trimmer :

😊 Honorable Mention : Mi 1c Trimmer :

● 🔗 Charger & Cables (AtLeast Buy Extra 3, It’s Crazy Expensive in Canada)
Charger : Oramio Firefly

Micro USB : Amazon Basics

USB Type C : Amazon Basics

● 🌍 International Adapter

😍 Best Option : SeCro Adapter

😊 Honorable Mention : RTS Adapter

● 📲 Buy Cases & Screen Guard to your gadgets
● 🔓 External Storage
Hard Drive
😍 Best Option : WD 2 TB Passport

😊 Honorable Mention : WD 1 TB Passport

USB Thumb Drive
😍 Best Option : HP 64 GB

😊 Honorable Mention : HP 32 GB

● 💻 Laptop Sleeve
😍 Best Option Laptop Sleeve Option : Gizga Reversible 15.6-inch

● 🎧 TWS Ear Phones
😍 Best Option : Sony WF-1000XM3 ANC

😊 Honorable Mention : boAt Airdopes 441 TWS

● ⌚ Smart Band
😍 Best Option & My Only Recommendation : Mi Band 5

● 🔊 Speaker
😍 Best Option : Mivi

a) 😍 Best Option : Samsung Tab S7 :

b) 😊 Honorable Mention : 2020 Ipad Air :

a) 😍 Best Option : Blue Yeti :

b) 😊 Honorable Mention : Blue SnowBall :

a) 😍 Best Option : DJI OM 4 :

DSLR Camera
a) 😍 Best Option : Canon EOS 1500D :

🍴Utensils, Food & Spices🤤
(✌ Pro Tips : Always ask your MOM about this Part, TRUST ME She Knows Better ! 🤱)
🍕 Food
Ready To Eat Meals (Masala – Oats)
Pack Some High Calorie Dense Food
A Water Bottle
Mung Beans

Red Lentil
Yellow Pigeon pea

Kitchenware (Utensils) for canada, US, Australia immigration packing checklist

Induction Cooker :
Oil Dispenser
Microwave protected bauls
Roti Box
Plates & Wadkis
Chakla & Belan
Masala Dani
Spoon, Fork, Butter Knife
Ladle Set
Cheese Grater
Induction Tapeli
Measuring Cup
Non Stick Induction Pan
Tea Vesal
Bag Clips
Scrub (5 Pieces) https: //
Lime Juice Extractor
MDH Garam Masala –
Chili Powder –
Coriander Powder https : //
Turmeric Powder
Hing https: //

Clothing & Accessory for college students who going overseas for examine

✌ Pro Tips : It’s Just to get you began so be happy so as to add and take away)
🔥 Most Important
🩳Undergarments (12-15 Pairs)
Warm Body Suit (2 Pairs)
👚 Top WEAR
Sweat Shirts(2-4)
Shirts (2-4)
Winter Jackets(3-4)
👖 Bottom WEAR
Sweat Pants (1-2)
Formal Pants (1-2)
🤵 Special WEAR
Suits(1-2) (For Job InterView)
RainCoat Or Umbrella
👞 Foot Wear
Formal Shoes

Sports Shoes

Flip Flops
⌚ Accessory
Beanie(Wither Cap), Hand Glows
🚿Personal Hygiene😎
(✌ Pro Tips : Feel Free To Add Your Stuff, however “WEIGHT” needs to be mild as potential 🛬)
Brush :

Toothpaste :

Tongue Cleaner :

Shaving Kit :

Face Wash :

Body Wash :

Deodorant :

Hair Comb :

Hair Wax :

Nail Cutter :

Nail File :

Sun Screen (SPF 30) :

Lip Balm :

Moisturizer :

(✌ Pro Tips : Everything right here is Extremely Important so DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING 💥)
Card & Document Wallet :

Passport Case :

Travel Neck Pillow :

Other important issues

A Travel Pen
A Small NoteBook
Dark Colored Bed Sheets
Dark Colored Pillow Cases,
A Brush To Clean Your Cloths
A Brush To Clean Your Dishes

I hope you loved lots and remember to share this text together with your buddies!

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