• Generally speaking, about 40 to 45 out of 100 people wear glasses.
  • So the biggest question for those people is where do I get the glasses, what do I wear, what color should I take, what frame should I choose, what shop should I go to, many such questions keep persecute them!
  • So today we will talk about an old and well known company Lenskart.
  • In which we are going to tell you, Review, Quality and Rating of lenskart Glasses, Types of glasses, Different types of frames, Whether it is suitable to take glasses from lenskart? and many more …


1) Should I Purchase Lenscart Glasses?

  • Yes, you can wear glasses from a lenskart.
  • Because the lenskart company makes glasses with everyone in mind.

100% UV Blocking Shatterproof Lens

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  • And the lenskart company service is also somewhat better.
  • But sometimes there seems to be something wrong with the lenskart company providing service to the customer.
  • This is because only 60 or 70 % of the customers in Lenskart are well served.
  • However, sometimes the employees appointed by the company make a mistake due to which the service rating of the lenskart company is very low.
  • But I would say with certainty that the quality of the lenskart’s glasses is very beautiful.
  • But I think the price of the lenskart company’s glasses is a little higher.
  • And even in the service of this company sometimes customers are not satisfied.
  • So if you don’t want to spend extra money, you can buy glasses from a general store.


2) Different Types Of Lanskart Specs And Shapes

The lenskart company has created different types of glasses for each person.

Types of specs

Anti glare


UV protection



Scratch resistant

Aviator Premium Computer Glasses Anti Blue Ray Cut Lens Tv, Mobile, laptop

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Types of shapes






Hal Rim



3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Quality – 9.7/10

Service – 5.6/10

Price (Value for money) – 7/10

Look – 10/10

Overall Experience – 8/10

4) Best Things Of Lanskart!

  • There are a best things about Lenskart that will force you to take theiy glasses!
  • For those who have to sit in front of a laptop or computer for 10-12 hours, the special anti blue glasses released by Lanskart are the best, which will protect your eyes by up to 80% and will also reduce your headaches.
  • If you like glasses from Lenskart’s website and you order them, Lenskart will deliver the glasses home in only three days!
  • The biggest feature of Lenskart’s website is that they offer you testing on their website.
  • For this you have to stand in front of your mirror and follow two or three methods as suggested by lenskart.
  • And at their website, you will be found plenty of different types of glasses and its glasses frames.

If you are also wearing lenskart glasses or want to say something about company, you too can definitely say your opinion!

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