Mafia Web Series Review: Zee5 Presents A Thriller, Drama  & Mystery Series

Mafia Web Series Review: Zee5 Presents A Thriller, Drama & Mystery Series

  • Since I’ve seen a lot of web series during the recent lockdown, I think the same thing is shown to the public in almost all web series.
  • Because “when a web series is a success on the OTT platform, the same story and more mysterious things are presented to the viewers.”
  • Let’s know today Mafia(Zee5) Review, Rating, Plot, Screenplay, Story, Cast & Crew, All Epidodes and many more…
  • Before watching any movie or web series, you must first read its review because by reading the review you will know whether this web series is really “worth watching”.
  • If you go to see a movie or a webseries directly, your time, internet and money are wasted!
  • So I will tell you the true and reliable review of Mafia web series.

1) Introduction Of Mafia(Zee5)

  • This Mafia web series is Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, a very old and well known director.
  • However, Birsa Dasgupta mainly directs films in Tollywood.
  • The Mafia web series will be available on zee5 premium on July 10
Mafia(Zee5) Review: Zee5 Presents A Thriller, Drama  & Mystery Series
  • However, I think there will be a huge clash between these two web series.

2) Who Should Watch this Web Series – “Mafia Web Series…?”

I found the following things in this web series mainly:

  • Thriller
  • Strong language
  • Romance
  • Crime
  • Murder
  • Love
  • Suspense
  • Drugs supply

  • If you are also interested in the above mentioned items, then “you must also watch this web series.”
  • I suggest you other movies and web series like Mafia web series so that you realize whether it is worth watching for me or not.

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Sacred Games, Patal Lok, Mirzapur, Lal Bazar, Bard Of Blood, The Family Man

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Thriller – 7/10

Suspense – 8.6/10

Story – 8/10

Acting – 9.3/10

Directing – 9/10

Entertainment – 6.8/10

Overall Experience – 8/10

Mafia(Zee5) Review: Zee5 Presents A Thriller, Drama  & Mystery Series

4) Full Information Of Web Series “Mafia Web Series”(Zee5)

Name/Title Mafia
Available On Zee5
Focused ThingsCrime, Thriller, Murder,
Romance, Love
Release Date 10/7/2020 
No. Of Seasons 
Box Office Collection Coming Soon
BudgetNot Known
Free/Paid Paid
Language Hindi 
Subtitles Available in English 
No. Of Views 
Director Birsa Dasgupta
Original NetworkZEE5
Main CastIsha Saha
Tanmay Dhanania
Namit Das
Anindita Bose

5) Story Of Mafia Web Series(Zee5) Web Series In Just Few Words

If I tell you the full story of this web series, you will not like this web series, so I will present you this web series in just a few words.

  • The Mafia web series is mainly about a story of 6 close friends.
  • Here in this web series Jharkhand region is presented.
  • They plan to have a reunion and party shortly after college.
  • But you will see in the web series whether their planning will be successful or if there will be any disruption?
  • This web series has some non-viewing scenes and strong language are also shown, so I request you all to watch the web series sitting in solitude.
  • However, with one twist after another in the web series, you may want to look forward to the this web series.

6) My Opinion On Mafia Web Series Web Series

  • I really like the suspense and dark theme shown in this web series.
  • You might also like to watch this web series.

If you have also watched the Mafia web series or you want to say something about this web series you can also definitely let us know your valuable opinion 🙂

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