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1) Who is Mahesh Darji?

Hello everyone, I’m Mahesh Darji – author, writer and founder of, I am a normal, straightforward and simple man like you.
I started writing blogs on the internet in May 2020, taking advantage of Corona’s time and frustration with engineering.
So I am a civil engineer but sometimes I also write some blogs on the internet, so that I can use my time wisely and at the same time I can give my knowledge to other people in certain subjects.

Mahesh Darji

2) What is my work on ? is my website where I provide readers with various types of reviews, movies and web series related blog, Gujarati artists, some tourist destinations, food related blogs and various other types of information.

In many places customers are cheated in hotel meals, outings or in other things, which is a very bad thing and with this in mind, I have write blog of all true and trustworthy facts from any small company to a high level company giving to everyone, so that no customer will be deceived in the future and the reader on this website will also be very happy to know true fact
There are some blog rankings of my website on the internet which are done by your majesty, but if you support me more, then I can still go even further than this.

3) Let’s talk with Mahesh Darji on Social media

Mahesh Darji

Related to this website or anything else if you want to communicate with me I will be very happy as you want to communicate with me.

There is something good to learn from everyone so if you have any good or special advice I will necessarily adopt that advice in my life.

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