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There are lots of sites where you pay to download a movie. With some exceptions, these are legal.What is not legal is downloading a movie that you have not paid for.

Now, according to my notion, is when you own the movie in one medium and you’re still required to pay to download a copy of that movie.

If you did not pay for a any Movie or Web Series, then downloading that file is a crime. To exemplify, distributing a copyrighted media file, whether via electronic or non-electronic methods, without the express permission of the copyright holder is also illegal.

Surely, the IP is the movie itself, rather than the medium it comes on.If you are not a subscriber to a streaming service that allows movie downloading and you download from open internet sources, torrents, Filmymeet, Filmyzila, KhtmatriMaza and etc….

If you upload the original complete file, that is illegal not by law but because someone said it was.That said, studies have shown that illegal downloading has no effect on the movie industries bottom line owing to people who download don’t often go to the movies. In fact, it augments it because then they talk about the movie and family or friends may then go to it who wouldn’t have otherwise.

It is most certainly illegal.Now if you talk about consequences, it depends on jurisdictions, in India again most certainly there will be no consequences, no law enforcement agency is free enough to track on illegal entertainment downloads, unless its something graver like downloading child porn etc…

However, movie studios have managed to pass laws that make you pay for the movie every time you want it in a different format

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