Mumbai Saga(2021) Budget and Box Office Collection

Mumbai Saga(2021) Budget and Box Office Collection

  • This movie is not new for some people, who had watched shoot out at vadala and shoot out at Lokhandwala!
  • When the trailer was launched on 26th February 2021, then I felt, Mumbai saga will teachs best fighting and make you to remember old Mumbai.
  • Actually I was impressed at that time with the trailer of Mumbai saga, because trailer was outlined with Old mumbai’s desi language, The fantastic music and the fighting.
  • Anyway I will give you a shocking information regarding mumbai saga in this article.
  • So let us know about fully box office collection and whole budget of Mumbai saga movie.

Mumbai Saga Budget

  • When trailer was launched by T series on 26th, at that time I saw the trailer.
Mumbai Saga(2021) Budget and Box Office Collection
Emraan Hashmi in Mumbai Saga
  • After the next day when I saw the viewers I had been totally shocked because the number of viewers were almost 2 crore in just 24 to 28 hours!
  • So from the enthusiasm of the viewers, it seems that mumbai saga will prove to be the biggest fighting based movie of 2021.
  • And the whole Budget of Mumbai Saga movie is 53 crores.

Mumbai Saga Box Office Collection

  • If we talk about the box office collection of Mumbai Sagar movie than it is visible that people have been suffering from economical crisis and other things since last one year due to corona epidemic.
John Abhraham’s Fighting seen in Mumbai saga movie
  • So mumbai saga movie can’t expect too much box office collection from the people.
  • But we would say that people are real fan of John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi, they all definitely go to the cinema and watch the movie.
  • The box office collection of the movie is not much but it can be said that the expenses incurred by the production team of the movie have gone out.
  • However, the total box office is collection of Mumbai Saga movie is more than 173 crores.

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