Navratna Oil Review: Full Comfortable And Cooling Oil For Hair

Navratna Oil Review: Full Comfortable And Cooling Oil For Hair(Emami Brand)

  • For the last many years, many of these Navratna Oil(Thanda Thanda Cool Coll) were used to see the TV advertising and many people have not used!
  • Every customer needs to know about its advantages and disadvantages “before buying any product.”
  • And the advantages and disadvantages are necessary to know because if you are directly used any product on skin or hair, then there may be some side effect on your body!
  • So let’s know today the Navratna Oil’s Review, Rating, Some Benefits and Disadvantages, whether this oil is really right to use for me?, and many more…

1) Introduction Of Navratna Oil

  • Navratna Oil is mainly called a product of Emami Group.
  • Emami Group provides a beauty product, health and various types of service related to it.
  • Navratna oil is a beautiful shiny oil made from 9 Natural Ayurvedic Herb.

9 Natural Ayurvedic Herbs!!

1. Sallaja

2. Kshir Kakoli

3. Bringraaj

4. Amla

5. Kachoor

6. LataKasturi

7. Nagarmotha

8.Pudina Ka Phool

9. Japa Pushpa

  • And you will know that Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan to advertise the oil brand.
  • After the success of the oil, the company also creates powder, which advertised by Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan.

2) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Quality – 9/10

Price (Value for money) – 9.8/10

Quantity – 10/10

Fragrance – 9.5/10

Overall Experience – 9.7/10

3) Best Navratna Oil Products

Navratna Oil 500 ml

Navratna Oil Extra Thanda

Warm Oil

4) Advantages Of Navratna Oil

  • The best thing about Navratna oil, I think is that applying “this oil on the scalp gives a very nice funky scent.”
  • This oil gives a great cooling to the head, and this cooling is so wonderful that it feels as “if someone has put ice on your head.”
  • This oil will be very beneficial for you if massaged into the scalp properly.
  • Applying this oil automatically removes headaches and body fatigue.
  • And at the same time laziness, insomnia, restlessness etc. are also removed in a single stroke.
  • This oil is not very greasy so you can take the oil in hand and rub it on the scalp properly.

5) Side Effects Of Navratna Oil

  • The worst thing about Navratna oil is that if you apply this oil several times a day, the hair on your head starts falling out.
  • However, 20 to 30 % of people who use this oil start losing their hair.
  • This oil smells very good but many people do not like this fragrance.

6) My Opinion

  • I have been using navratna oil for the last two years.
  • But according to the disadvantages mentioned above, there is “no question of hair loss after applying this oil”.(For Myself!)
  • And I really like applying this oil because it produces a unique kind of cooling.
  • And especially your body fatigue, laziness, insomnia, restlessness etc. do not live in the body.
  • This means that people who are busy with office work throughout the day and also have insomnia, should definitely adopt this oil.

If you have also used this oil or you want to say something about this oil, you can also let us know your value opinion through specific comment 🙂

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