Polo Forest Review(2021): Things to do in Polo Forest – Best Place To Trekking In Gujarat

Ahmedabad to Polo Forest Route: Polo Forest Package, Hotels & Resort at Affordable Price!
  • It can be said that Himmatnagar in Gujarat has become famous only because of this polo forest (Idar).
  • After going to Polo Forest, “we can guess that God must have worked very hard to create the universe!
  • The fun of a really beautiful and scenic natural environment comes only by going to this polo forest.
  • During the monsoon season, as if a fair has been held in the Polo Forest, so many people are crowded.
  • So let’s know today Polo Forest Review, Rating, Things to do in polo forest, attraction, Images, Waterfall, Camp, Booking, Timing, Resort, Weather, Cottage, Phone Number etc …

1) Polo Forest (Idar) Weather, Waterfall, Camp, Timing And Images

  • From the name Polo Forest you may have realized that this is a forested area.
  • Would you like to know what it would be like to wander in this forested area ?!
  • But you will be surprised to know that the annual public figure here has reached over 5 lakhs!
  • The atmosphere of this place is really very beautiful and will amaze everyone who comes there.
  • And the waterfall in Polo Forest is something different, when you search for this thing on Instagram (#poloforest) you will guess that youngsters like this thing very much.
  • Many youngsters go to Polo Forest just for photography.
  • However, from time to time, travel camps are organized by many genuine travel agencies in this place.
  • If you are interested in camp you can also definitely join this camp in advance. (The fun of this camp is something different!)

2) Polo Forest In Moonson Season

  • After knowing all the details, if you go to Polo Forest in winter or summer, you will definitely get bored.
  • The best time to visit the Polo Forest is during the monsoon season.
Polo Forest Review: Things to  do in Polo Forest - Best Place To Trekking In Gujarat
  • Words cannot describe the atmosphere of this place in monsoon!
  • The rainy season is full of beautiful rain, greenery all around and the fun of living in the lap of nature is wonderful.
  • And those who are interested in photography should definitely go to Polo Forest only in Monsoon.

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Weather – 10/10

Enjoyment – 7/10

Fun with family – 8/10

Food – 6/10

Price (Value for money) – 10/10

Overall Experience –.8/10

4) Things to do in Polo Forest

There are so many things to enjoy in this Forest, such as;

Polo Forest Review: Things to  do in Polo Forest - Best Place To Trekking In Gujarat
  1. Forest photography
  2. Polo forest food
  3. Harnav River
  4. Harnav Dam
  5. Jain derasar
  6. The privilege of natural moments
  7. Trekking camp
  8. Bonfire


5) My Opinion

  • I went with my family to here in Janmashtami 2019.
  • But due to the circumstances, the polo forest was very crowded at that time, so we could not enjoy their so much.
  • We had to walk about 2 to 3 kilometers to get inside the area because of the crowds.
  • So my suggestion to you is that whenever you go to Polo Forest, don’t go to any festival or Sunday.
  • If you live in Gujarat, you do not need to book a resort, as there are very high resort rates for overnight stays.
  • So when you go to here, judge by time and situation.
  • I hope you find the above details useful.

If you too have been to Polo Forest or you have something to say about this place, you too can give your valuable opinion here.

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