A novel tribute was paid by the Bicycle Fan Club. On Wednesday, everybody cycled a distance of 17 km from Kalawad Road to Nyari Dam to succeed in Nyari Dam and there they noticed a 2 minute silence to pay homage to Vijaybhai.

Rajkot Bicycle Fan Club pays tribute to fellow bicycle owner who died in accident

An industrialist named Vijay Sorthia died in an accident six days in the past in Rajkot.

Remembering him, the Cycle Fan Club, who frequently cycled with him, paid a singular tribute to him.

Death discovered on birthday
Vijaybhai Sorathia’s birthday was on the day of the accident. Their life journey was over earlier than they might cowl the kilometers.

His associates nonetheless bear in mind the pastime of biking

Bhavesh Popat, a member of the Cycle Fan Club, mentioned that Vijaybhai’s love for biking was fantastic and he used to do common biking which remains to be remembered as we speak. So we pray and pay tribute to him as we speak by biking as much as 17 kilometers in his reminiscence.

Plantation within the identify of Vijaybhai

While Vijaybhai Sorathiya is being paid homage by his family members in several methods, Vijaybhai Sorathiya Smritivan has been ready by Vijaybhai’s family members through which he’s being remembered by planting timber. He is being remembered by caring for these timber.

The two daughters misplaced their father’s umbrella

Vijaybhai Sorathia’s premature demise has left his two daughters with out a father’s umbrella. The household was devastated by the sudden dying of his father. Legal motion was taken towards him.

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