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Sooryavanshi 20th Day Collection Marks 181.98 + Crore in 20 Days From India

Sooryavanshi twentieth Day Collection Marks 181.98 + Crore in 20 Days From India

Sooryavanshi 18th Day Box workplace Collection Report

*1st Day (Friday): 26.29 Crore 

*2nd Day (Saturday): 23.85 Crore

*third Day (Sunday): 26.94 Crore

*1st Weekend Collection: 77.08 Crore

*4th Day (Monday): 14.51 Crore

*fifth Day (Tuesday): 11.22 Crore 

*sixth Day (Wednesday): 9.55 Crore

*seventh Day (Thursday): 8.30 Crore 

*1st Week Collection: 120.66 Crore

*eighth Day (Friday): 6.83 Crore

*ninth Day (Saturday): 10.35 Crore

*tenth Day (Sunday): 13.39 Crore

*2nd Weekend Collection: 151.23 Crore

*eleventh Day (Monday): 4.50 Crore 

*twelfth Day (Tuesday): 3.92 Crore 

*thirteenth Day (Wednesday): 3.42 Crore 

*14th Day (Thursday); 3.16 Crore 

*2nd Week Collection: 166.23 Crore

*fifteenth Day (Friday): 3.26 Crore

*sixteenth Day (Saturday): 3.77 Crore 

*seventeenth Day (Sunday); 5.33 Crore 

*third Weekend Collection: 178.60 Crore 

18th Day (Monday); 1.88 Crore

*nineteenth Day (Tuesday); 1.50 Crore (Approx)

*twentieth Day (Wednesday); 1 to 1.50 Crore (Approx)

Total Collection: 181.98 crore (19 Days)

Sooryavanshi Overseas 14 Days Total Rs 53.53 Crore

*Day 1: $1.08 mn

*Day 2: $1.15 mn

*Day 3: $1.06 mn

*Day 4: $480k

*Day 5: $440k

*Day 6: $360k

*Day 7: $420k

*Day 8:$500k

*Day 9: $620k

*Day 10: $460k

*Day 11: $170k

*Day 12: $190k

*Day 13: $130k

*Day 14: $110k

Total: $7.19 million (Rs 53.53 Crore)

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