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Sooryavanshi (2021) huge Box Office Collection and whole Budget

  • Some people were recognition that Sooryavanshi wouldn’t be published in theatre, but finally the director of this film(Rohit Shetty) announced on him birthday that Sooryavanshi would be released in the end of march it mean 31 march, 2021.
  • But seeing the enthusiasm of people, Sooryavanshi will be made a history in 2021.
  • Actually the fans of Akshay Kumar have been waiting to watch the movie since the trailer was launched.
  • Due to corona epidemic It is very tacky to say when will Sooryavanshi come? But the time is come to watch the movie.
  • By the way, around 2.5 million people have finished this movie in 1st day at theater.
  • And of course whenever you finish this movie then the immediate question arrive in your mind: How much Sooryavanshi has crossed at box office collection and how much money had been spent by fhe production team?
  • Let me tell you some surprisingly shocking and information about Sooryavanshi movie:
Sooryavanshi (2021) huge Box Office Collection and whole Budget
A romance seen between Akshya kumar & katrina kaif in Sooryavanshi

Sooryavanshi Movie Budget

  • When trailer was launched by reliance entertainment on 2020, at that time I saw the trailer.
  • You may be surprised to hear about the views of Sooryavanshi movie’s trailer, because the official trailer just has crossed 89 million plus viewers!
  • Actually, it is really surprising to me and you that Sooryavanshi movie budget is 90 crore!!
Sooryavanshi (2021) huge Box Office Collection and whole Budget
Ajay Devgan in Sooryavanshi

Sooryavanshi Movie Box office collection

  • For know the box office collection of Sooryavanshi, you keep your mind in side and just read! Because box office collection of this movie is huge collected by theaters from people.
  • Thus, The first day box office had collected around 42 crore! At the end of the week, a figure crossed out 150 crore.
  • However, according to the latest news Sooryavanshi movie’s total box office collection is almost 656 crore!

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