(Updated 2021) STATEMENT OF PURPOSE For Civil Engineers (MEng+MS)



Following forth year long period of undergrad concentrate in Civil Engineering, I feel totally happy with my choice to pick designing as my vocation choice as it has uncovered the most realistic and rational way to deal with handling human issues to me. My eagerness combined with scope for developments and openings accessible in the field of Civil Engineering has spurred me to select higher investigations and add to the field through significant examination. I earnestly accept that seeking after graduation at Concordia University at this crossroads of my vocation will be an optimal advance toward this path.

My choice to study Civil Engineering is an immediate consequence of my craving to add to the improvement of best in class foundation in my nation, pointing towards working on its worldwide standing. My longing to seek after my Bachelors in Civil Engineering originates from the steady collection of speculations and guileless commonsense utilization of the noticed ideas during the site visits.

Although in my junior year, I had completed two internships (4 months of work experience). First internship was in the time period of summer vacation (after 1st semester), I joined construction site of residential building which is named as “SATYAMEV EMINENCE”, as an internship for 2 months and I was provided the role of site engineer. During those days, I was fortunate enough to understand and correlate the academics with the real field. At the same time, I was precisely rectifying my mistakes and I also learnt the sentimental construction process and proper implementation of any structural element from 2-D plan. It was the experience where I was able to relate my technical subjects on multiple occasions to diagnose any situation. My knowledge of rehabilitation and forensic engineering helped me to understand the reasons for some damaged elements and get a solution for that by conducting NDT test. And second internship was also in the time summer vacation (after 6th semester), I had done Practical Training at “Murlidhar Heights” in Ahmadabad. Here I amazed to see the giant construction of 10 blocks at a time. Overall, these two internships nurtured my ability to think on a much larger canvas to ensure theoretical knowledge meets practicality in the field.

Moreover, I have done four projects Mini Project-I, Mini Project-II, Minor Project, and Seminar with continuation of academics. As a part of Mini Project-I & II, I got a chance to involve myself in research and experimental work. In this, due to modernization in the materials, the use of lighter and flexible structures has been increased in construction. These structures are susceptible to the dynamic loading like wind, earthquake etc. Therefore, I determined dynamic properties of the structures like Natural Frequency, Time-Period, Displacement and Damping etc. For obtaining Dynamic Properties and Response of High-rise Structure, I  prepared a suitable model of the structure and testing that using shake table by providing free and force vibration. However, structure with certain properties of mass, stiffness and damping leads to undesirable dynamic response which may cause damage to the structure. Several experiences realized me to incorporate research and experimental work is precious for the civil engineering field, therefore, to pursue a course-based master’s program at the Concordia University can give me a great career opportunity to explore the horizon of the construction field in a best possible way.

Although I have obtained 7.96 SGPA until 4th semester, in last forth consecutive semesters (last 75 credits) I have secured 7.84, 9.26, 8.73 and 9.00 SGPA respectively. My university has different grading system than others; for instance, it gives O grade for 80-100 percentage and A+ grade for 70-79 percentage. Though my university is accredited ‘O’ grade owing to I have achieved 8.7 CGPA.

Apart from academics, I am one of the top students whose performance in the extra curriculum is exceptionally well. During my bachelor’s, I know my devotion for ACES (Association of Civil Engineering Students) and I made our university proud by being “HEAD OF LOGISTICS” of our department. At the same time, I had also magnificently entertained everyone by Stand Up Comedy (3rd March, 2020) in our cultural event (INSTINCTS). Even I also participated in Chess, Debate, Buzz Bee, CEO Challenge,Meme Creation, Short Poem/Story competition and so on… Similarly, Co-Curricular Record (CCR) and recreational activities at the Concordia University are going to help me accumulate with diverse cultures easily at a social and professional level; especially when studying at a prestigious university in Canada.

With the construction industry’s advancement, our whole future is at the edge, it is now that the technologies and planning strategies need to amalgamate to achieve maximum production with minimum wastage of several resources including time, environment and money. At a rate India is advancing, it is fair to say that there will be myriad opportunities in the near future for Civil Engineers who can meet the global standards of construction. Master’s course at the Concordia University has variant courses, and that will help me to grow as a competent civil engineer. The Concordia University has laboratories and research facilities, industrial relationships and enlightening course outline, which will help me to learn about my keen interest –Projects and Practical Training pertaining to Structures and various Civil Engineering disciplines.

I feel that I am ready to perform your esteemed program and so all I am probing for is an opportunity to consummate my capacity and to achieve my goal with hard work and perseverance required at the Concordia University. Along these lines, in the event that the committee considers me as well meriting for this program, I would truly be obliged and would be a valuable student to the Concordia University.

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