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Surat: Union Minister Darshana Zardosh tied up BJP state president CR Patil

Surat MP and now Minister Darshana Zardosh has tied the ashes of BJP state president CR Patil earlier than Rakshabandhan and prayed for his longevity.

Surat: Union Minister Darshana Zardosh tied up BJP state president CR Patil

Surat: The holy pageant of Rakshabandhan goes to be celebrated throughout the nation. Then at present Railway and Textiles Minister Darshana Zardosh met BJP state president C.R. Rakshabandhan was celebrated by tying ashes to Patil. Darshana Jardosh went to CR Patil’s home at present and tied him in ashes. This is the primary time they’ve tied CR Patil to ashes.

The holy pageant of Rakshabandhan shall be celebrated on August 22 everywhere in the nation together with Surat. The sisters will tie the ashes on the brother’s hand and pray for his longevity. At the identical time, he promised his brother that he would defend him. Then this promise was taken by Darshana Zardosh to CR Patil at present.

As far as politics is worried, Darshana Jardosh is an MP from Surat. While CR Patil is an MP from Navsari constituency. At the identical time, he’s at the moment the BJP state president. Whether it’s BJP or Congress factionalism is all the time seen within the politics of Surat. Even between these two leaders, there have all the time been discussions in Surat politics over variations.

Rakshabandhan is a pageant of sacred love of brothers and sisters which each and every brother and sister is eagerly ready for. He has additionally shared footage of Darshana Jardosh and CR Patil’s brothers and sisters celebrating Parva on his social media account. Darshana Jardosh has written that at present he has tied the ashes of CR Patil and prayed for his well being and longevity. At the identical time, he has requested his brother for a present for the safety of all of the daughters of Gujarat and the state.

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