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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2: Salen Buying Hospital – Spoilers – techkashif – techkashif


the great physicianThe premiere of season 5 was fairly common: St. Bonaventure had been taken over by Salen Morrison, who had been the presumptive affected person of the week till the tip of the hour – and an eccentric one at that.

As Drs. Jordan Allen (Bria Samoné Henderson) and Asher Wolke (Noah Galvin) labored on Salen, viewers bought to see a brand new, aggressive aspect to their working relationship, with Jordan decided to lend Asher a hand and lead all proceedings.

“Jordan and Asher come from two different worlds,” Henderson instructed TVLine. “Now you put these characters together in one world, and you get to see how the relationship moves, how they grow and how they learn from each other.”

“There will always be some level of competition between the two,” Galvin provides. “But as time goes on, there is a mutual respect that will definitely be strengthened this season.”

As seen within the upcoming Episode 2 points of interest (embedded beneath), Salen incorporates St. Bonaventure into the bigger Ethicure Medical household, and with the change comes a number of technological developments that Dr. Everyone having a good time.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2: Salen Buying Hospital – Spoilers

“Jordan is an entrepreneur. She’s also a con artist,” Henderson reminds us. “She’s all about innovation and she’s tech-savvy, so with the new ideas Salen brings to the hospital, Jordan is ready to play. Jordan really likes the newness of it, the speed of it, the fast pace of the takeover… I think she’s absolutely for it.”

dr. Wolke, alternatively, is skeptical of what Salen and Ethicure Medical are attempting to perform when so many adjustments are taking place directly.

“His initial reaction to the acquisition and to Salen is not necessarily positive,” stated Galvin. “Asher comes from a world where he was forced to believe things and learned a very specific set of ideals. So anything that feels hindering free thought—wanting to live his own life and have as much agency as possible—anything that questions those things, he will immediately be doubtful and wary.”

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10/9c, on ABC.


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