Tik-Tok Banned! - Tik-Tok App Reviews, Facts, Content, Controversy

Tik-Tok Banned! – Tik-Tok App Reviews, Facts, Content, Controversy

1) Introduction of Tik-Tok

The most popular(No. Of Users – 1 Billion+
) and active app of the day is tik tok as this app uploads a lot of videos of the day. I will give you the complete information of tiktok today.

2) Tik-Tok App Review

Before May 10, 2020, there were 4.0 out of 5 reviews on the Tik-Tok app, but due to some controversy, Tik-Tok has suddenly dropped.

Date(2020)Review(out of 5)
10-5 to 13-54.0

3) Special Reviews By Reviews Duniya

Addictive – 9.5/10
Funny Videos -8.5/10
Inspiring content – 2.3/10
Entertainment – 7.8/10
Best Social Media App – 6.8/10

4) Positive Sides Of Tik-Tok

  • With the Tik tok app you can create your own kind of video of any kind from 15 second to 1 minute to present your feeling to the viewers.
  • Making videos in the Tik-Tok app can make you famous. (Survey – If 100 people make a video on Tik-Tok, only 5 of them will be famous)
  • If you become famous with the Tiktok app, you have the opportunity to earn a lot of money through advertisements.
  • There is no charge for installing Tiktok app, this app is totally free!

5) Negative Sides Of Tik-Tok

  • When you start watching the Tik-Tok app you are shown any kind of video i.e. This app does not recommend you to watch any video and which video not to watch.
  • About 95% of videos are not worth watching in Tik-Tok. It is harmful for children and the elderly to use Tik-Tok these days because it contains all kinds of content!
  • The Tik-Tok app has caused a lot of cravings among people these days, which is why a boy committed suicide when he didn’t get enough likes in Tik-Tok videos.
  • Today’s youth uploads any haphazard video on Tik-Tok under the pretext of becoming famous.
  • Many genuine young men and women make Tik-Tok videos all day long as if they are self-employed.
  • Tik-Tok is a platform where only five out of a hundred(It mean 0.05) people get a chance to become famous.

6) Tik-Tok Controversy

  • Well known youtuber Ajey Nagar (carry minati), who made a video on Tik-Tok and made many allegations against Tik-Tok famous creator Aamir Siddiqui.
  • Due to which this had a great impact all over India
  • As a result, Tiktok’s ratings plummeted in just 15 days
  • And not only that, but the hashtag (#tiktokban) is also trending on Twitter these days.
  • You may be surprised to know that the Tik-Tok application is considered dangerous by the Government of India (52 Chinese applications released by the Government of India that are harmful to you.)
  • And the good news for Indians is that just a few months ago, an app similar to Tik-Tok was released called Mitron.

7) Tik Tok Facts

  • If you say anything bad about the Tik-Tok application, your Tik-Tok video is deleted by Tik-Tok Community and if you reach too big, your account is also blocked.
  • The Tik-Tok app rating dropped from 4.0 to 1.1 in just fifteen days.
  • Tik Tok Ban is running very discussions across India and I think Tik-Tok Ban can also happen in the coming times!
  • Nowadays it is very difficult to become famous on the Tik-Tok app because more than 1 billion+ people create and upload videos in this app, which means the competition is very high.

8) Some Questions & Answers Regarding Tik-Tok

Q – Can I Become famous for making videos using the Tik-Tok app?
AYes Tik-Tok becomes famous but only if you are lucky and according to a survey only five out of 100 people become famous in Tik-Tok

Q – Can I make money from Tik-Tok?
AYes why not you can definitely make money from Tik-Tok but for that you need to be a famous creator because of which people will come to you to do Advertisement, so you can make money.

Q – Is Tik-Tok Banned from India?

ANo Tiktok has not banned in India, But nowadays people are very much against China so in future tiktok may be banned by the Indian government

Q – Should I delete the Tik-Tok app from my phone?
A – In my opinion if you are a true Indian then Tik-Tok app should not be in your mobile because through Tik-Tok app they(china country) earn crores of rupees. which is why our india Citizens living in the country do not get employment.
So in my opinion if you delete the Tik-Tok application it is good and a happy thing that in future our Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi will Re-launch an application like Tik-Tok (which will be made by India) in India.

I hope after reading this article you will be satisfied knowing about Chinese application Tik-Tok, if you also have any questions or queries you can definitely ask in the comment section.

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