In it for the lengthy haul! Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have been married for practically 13 years and nonetheless appear absolutely crazy about each other. They share two youngsters, along with Tom’s son from a earlier relationship, and their household retains getting cuter.

“Tom and Gisele are truly more in love than ever,” a supply beforehand informed Life & Style concerning the NFL star and supermodel. “They are such a strong family unit and feel like they are best friends, partners and each other’s biggest support systems. They have created the perfect life together.”

Surprisingly, the rock-solid pair met during a blind date. “It was in December of 2006. I thank him to this day,” the quarterback stated about his pal who set them up throughout an interview with Howard Stern in April 2020. “I had gotten out of a relationship and she had been out of a long-term relationship that she had, so when we met, I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for a relationship. I didn’t think I was.”

Tom continued, “But we met and hit it off. When she walked in, I just thought she was the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my life.”

Their relationship rapidly turned sophisticated when the California native discovered his ex Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with his oldest child.

“I think that was a very … We were forced into this very important thing that was happening in our life at a new point in our relationship,” Tom defined. “I found out a lot about Gisele through this experience and she found out a lot about me dealing with a situation that was, I would say, not a very easy one.”

His and Bridget’s son, John “Jack” Edward Thomas Moynahan, was born in 2007. “I think we all made the best of that situation,” the dad of three added. “Fortunately, he’s the most amazing son … My son Jack, my heart explodes when I think of him. He’s the greatest kid you can ever ask for.”

They are the sweetest blended household with Tom and Gisele’s youngsters — son Ben, who was born in 2009, adopted by Vivian Lake in 2012. “She is a loving wife that tries to nurture the kids, the family and me, and she wants to take good care of me,” Tom gushed concerning the former Victoria’s Secret angel.

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