Surat Curfew LATEST Time Table from 1st February 2021 to 28th February 2021

[MUST READ] Vadodara Curfew LATEST Time Table from 1st February 2021 to 28th February 2021

  • The people of Vadodara(Baroda) as well as the whole of Gujarat are very happy with the declining status of the Corona virus epidemic.
  • However, a curfew has been declared by the Vadodara(Baroda) Municipal Corporation in the interest of Vadodara’s citizens.
  • However, the details (time) of the curfew had changed two or three times in Vadodara even before this.
  • But now, based on the latest Vadodara Municipal Corporation report, some items of the curfew time table have been released which it is very important to know the whole of Vadodara.
  • Because if you go out during the night curfew and get caught by the police, you will be prosecuted, so it will be in your best interest to follow the latest timetable shown below!

Curfew Guidelines for Vadodara(Baroda)
from 1st february to 28 February 2021

Curfew time from 1st February to 28th February 2021 – 11 PM to 6 AM (i.e. citizens living in Vadodara till this time should not go outside their homes)

From 1 February 2021 to 28 February 2021 you can walk out(Free from police) from 6 am to 10:59 pm wearing a mask and following rules like social distance.

Curfew time table for Vadodara

The time of Vadodara(Baroda) curfew is as mentioned above, but the time table is often changed, so here is the curfew timetable for the entire month of February:

Date(February 2021)Timing
111 PM to 6 AM
211 PM to 6 AM
311 PM to 6 AM
411 PM to 6 AM
511 PM to 6 AM
611 PM to 6 AM
711 PM to 6 AM
811 PM to 6 AM
911 PM to 6 AM
1011 PM to 6 AM
1111 PM to 6 AM
1211 PM to 6 AM
1311 PM to 6 AM
1411 PM to 6 AM
1511 PM to 6 AM
1611 PM to 6 AM
1711 PM to 6 AM
1811 PM to 6 AM
1911 PM to 6 AM
2011 PM to 6 AM
2111 PM to 6 AM
2211 PM to 6 AM
2311 PM to 6 AM
2411 PM to 6 AM
2511 PM to 6 AM
2611 PM to 6 AM
2711 PM to 6 AM
2811 PM to 6 AM

I hope you have liked the latest information of Vadodara Curfew Time Table and don’t forget to share this article with Vadodara’s people!

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