Vulgar Content! - Rasbhari Web Series Review - Swara Bhaskar(Amazon Prime Video)

Vulgar Content! – Rasbhari Web Series Review – Swara Bhaskar(Amazon Prime Video)

  • I didn’t think such an absurd web series would come out from Amazon Prime Video.
  • Looks like this web series has been stripped from Alt Balaji’s production.
  • After watching this web series, I felt that if Swara Bhaskar has not got a offer anywhere else, then she worked in such nonsense web series!
  • So let’s talk today about Rasbhari Web Series Review, Rating, Story, Genre, Cast & Crew, Box Office Collection, Budget And Much More..
  • Before watching any movie or web series, you must first read its review because by reading the review you will know whether this movie is really “worth watching”.
  • If you go to see a movie or a webseries directly, your time, internet and money are wasted.
  • “So I will tell you the true and reliable review of Rasbhari Web Series:

1) Introduction Of The Rasbhari

  • The teacher or guru, whom we have given importance to in the scriptures and in our daily life, is completely violated by this web series.
  • This Rasbhari web series directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt.
  • After watching eight episodes in this web series, I feel like committing suicide, it is such an absurd web series.
Students Looking At Gorges Madam (swara bhaskar) - rasbhari Web Series - Amazon Prime Video
  • This web series is mainly about love and romance.
  • And especially in this web series, we got to see Swara Bhaskar’s over-acting.
  • Don’t even watch this web series with your family by mistake, otherwise your guardian will hit you like a policeman.

2) Who Should Watch this – “Rasbhari Web Series….?”

  • People who like all the web series of ALT Balaji will definitely like this web series.
  • The rest of the people who don’t have time, please don’t waste time watching this series.
  • Because I wasted my precious time watching eight episodes of this web series and wasted not only my time, but also my money and internet!
  • However if you want to watch this web series I will suggest you some web series or movies like this so that you realize whether Rasbhari web series is worth watching for me or not.

Similar movies for web series like Rasbhari :- Mastram, Ullu & ALT Balaji’s Production, Gandi Baat, Baby Come Naa, Mastizaade etc…

3) Special Ratings By Reviews Duniya

Romance – 9/10

Acting – 4/10

Comedy – 6/10

Cinematography – 8.7/10

Directing – 8/10

Entertainment – 7/10

Overall Experience – 4.3/10

Swara Bhaskar's Beautiful Look - rasbhari Web Series - Amazon Prime Video

4) Full Information Of “Rasbhari Web Series”(Amazon Prime Video)

Name/Title Rasbhari
Available On Amazon Prime Video
Focused Things(Genre)Love, Romance
Release Date 25/6/2020
No. Of Epidodes8
Budget32 Crore(Apporx)
Free/Paid Paid
Language Hindi
Subtitles Available in Hindi
& English 
Director Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt
Main Cast Swara Bhaskar
Ayushmaan Saxena
Neelu Kohli
Music ByPranaay
Cinematography Piyush Puty
Distributed ByAmazon Prime Video
Box Office CollectionComing Soon…
IMDB Rating2.9/10

5) Story Of the Rasbhari Web Series(Amazon Prime Video) In Just Few Words

  • The Rasbhari web series begins with the life of a student named Nandkishore.
  • In which he regularly goes to school and wastes his days joking around with his friends.
  • But the teacher of English subject in their school comes to teach the new gorgeous madam, although the name of the new madam is Shanu Bansal.
  • Shanu Bansal Madam looks so beautiful that all the students are engrossed in watching her.
  • This madam becomes famous not only in school but in her city.
  • And all the details of this madam from morning till night go round.
  • This is a very absurd and time wasting web series released by amazon prime.

6) My Opinion

  • I told you earlier that I wasted a lot of my time, money and internet watching eight episodes of this web series.
  • Having told you all these details, I will only tell you that if you value your time, please do not watch this web series.
  • Because you won’t find anything new in this web series.

If you’ve seen this web series or would like to say something about this web series you can definitely let us know your valuable opinion.


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