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Both expertly and secretly, Yasmin Vossoughian has had an efficient occupation. She is joyfully hitched to her sweetheart Whittaker Lindsay Clifford.

The two or three has since prolonged their little circle. Yasmin and Whittaker are cheerful guardians to 2 kids. The major baby Azur Vossoughian Clifford entered the household on October 15, 2016, whereas Noor Ahad Clifford joined the household on August 8, 2018.

Two or three has a cheerful and quiet life till it’s of their professional life or particular person life. Yasmin Vossoughian is hitched to Whittaker Lindsay Clifford. Yasmin doesn’t converse a lot close to her higher half overtly. In this manner, there isn’t quite a lot of information.

Whit Clifford is the appearing overseeing confederate of Clifford Associates Inc. He is answerable for coping with all data out of the territory of Georgia and stemming strong associations with CAI key data.

Joined this privately-owned firm in 2004, Whilt has been reliably growing offers and growing most of his primary data into CAI’s high shoppers. Likewise, Whit advantages his trade mastery through making ready and tutoring the representatives on the group.

Whit did his undergrad BA in Communications at Georgia Southern University, the place he was a college competitor. Whit has persistently proven curiosity in open air workouts. He each every now and then appreciates browsing and snowboarding, and mountain workouts.

Whittaker Lindsay Clifford’s real age and stature presently can’t appear to be spoken going to the media. Investigating the photographs of the couple, they don’t seem to have an intensive age distinction. They are a excessive probability of them being the same age. Provided that that is true, then, at that time Whittaker could be 43 years of age.

Discussing his tallness, it might almost certainly be virtually 6 ft or larger. It is successfully obvious that he’s lots taller than his higher half, who stays on the stature of 5 ft 6 inches.

As there has not been quite a lot of information about Whittaker Lindsay Clifford, his whole belongings is likewise obscure. His whole belongings could also be within the scope of $150,000 – $300,000.

Whittaker capabilities as an overseeing confederate. The regular compensation of an overseeing confederate is $97,930.As Whittaker works with a high-profile group, his compensation is sure to be larger. Instagram account.

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