Who Is John Gould From Paramount Pictures? Andy Warhol Secret Relationship Revealed On Netflix Documentary


As of late “The Andy Warhol Diaries” docuseries was delivered on the Netflix stage. It is determined by the journal by Pat Hackett.

The Netflix sequence reveals the life and seasons of the luxurious craftsman. Besides has impeccably lined the lesser-known components of Warhol’s relationship.


Following the supply, people bought to know his story with John Gould. Allow us to trace down further about them within the areas beneath.

Tribute: How Did John Gould Die? John Gould had died experiencing a prolonged ailment. He was decided to have AIDS, which was revealed to the general public solely after his passing.

In February 1994, Gould was hospitalized experiencing intense pneumonia. Andy Warhol, then once more, had upheld him throughout the occasions.

On March 7, Gould was launched from the emergency clinic. His situation, however, saved on weakening after he bought again to this house.

Warhol and Gould would eventually separate in 1985, which had simply energized his agony and sufferings.

John Gould took his last gasp exactly on September 18, 1986. The heartbreaking story was taken from Warhol’s journal in 1989.

Who Is John Gould? His Wikipedia John Gould is the earlier admirer of Andy Warhol. He was a neighborhood of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Gould had moved on from the New England College in June 1977. He at first labored in a selling workplace in Rolling Stones.

It was in 1978 he landed place association on the Paramount. At 27 years previous years previous, he met Andy Warhol via a typical companion, Christopher Makos.

As indicated by the Netflix docuseries, John had a brother named Jay. They have been born to a mom Harriett Gould, who died in 2016.

In 2017, their household house in Amesbury was arrange within the closeouts. Following which quite a few images of Gould and Warhol have been discovered.

John Gould and Andy Warhol Relationship John Gould was all of the whereas courting his confederate of twelve years, Jed Johnson when he had initially met Andy Warhol.

It has been accounted for that Gould and Warhol drew nearer in 1980. In the imply time, due to the no-no round most of the people again at that time, they weren’t open about their relationship in broad daylight.

As indicated by “The Andy Warhol Diaries”, Warhol was drawn to John’s capability to disguise his precise sexuality in individuals on the whole.

Following a few lengthy durations of their relationship, they began residing respectively. They separated within the 12 months 1995 after Gould’s wellbeing had declined.


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