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Zoom App Review – Security, Features, Updates, Banned – Banned In India!

Today we will know the review, features, updates, security and some unknown things of “Zoom application” .

1) Zoom Cloud Meeting/Application Introduction

  • The company started in 2011, which has not received any response for almost 8-9 years.
  • But in the year 2020, due to an epidemic (corona virus), people were sitting at home in lockdown, so this app is now used everywhere for “video calling/conference/online study. “
  • And you’d be surprised to know that the zoom app has overtaken high downloads apps like Facebook, Instagram and PUBG, and the zoom app currently has crossed over 100 million+ downloads.

2) Why is the Zoom app so popular?

  • You may be surprised to know, but the Zoom is the only application that allows up to 100 users to do video conferencing for 40 minutes for FREE.
  • It’s easy to join an online meeting with the ‘Zoom app.’
Zoom App Review - Security, Features, Updates, Banned - Banned In India!
  • If the meeting has started and a user wants to join the current meeting, he/she can easily join the “current meeting.”
  • With the help of this application you can also chat in personal with any users in the current meeting.
  • This app is easily available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • And the Zoom app is a fairly “light weight app.”

3) Is Video Calling/Conference Safe On The Zoom App?

  • NO, zoom calling is not safe at all as no “end-to-end encryption” is provided in this application.
  • So that when you make a video call or conference, ‘anyone can hear your conversation and anyone can see you.’

  • This app is used by everyone from students to businessmen so it is very dangerous for everyone to use this app!
  • But due to many controversies, the zoom application has now “increased the security of this application a little bit which can give you a little more relief.”
  • Previously, users data was sold openly to the public through this application, which sold out your personal information, phone number, address and much more, which is why this app has been banned in many places.
  • And not only that, but the app has been banned for students in New York City.

4) Data Consumption while Using Zoom

Data consumption while using zoom app for a GROUP CALL

360p450 MB/hr360 MB/hr810 MB/hr
720p675 MB/hr675 MB/hr1.35 GB/hr
1080p 1.2 GB/hr1.2 GB/hr2.4 GB/hr

5) Some Features, Security And Update

  • The owner has taken many good steps to make this application more secure as it has caused a lot of controversy over the Zoom app.
  • In earlier times this app allowed anyone to easily enter any meeting, but “now it is mandatory to have an ID as well as a password to join a zoom meeting.” (In the past, anyone who entered the meeting could view the meeting by simply entering a 9-digit ID into the application).
  • While making zoom calling, the meeting Host can remove or add any person or even put a user in waiting.

6) My Opinion

  • After reading the above points, I think this application must be deleted from your phone.
  • But many people need to do online video calling via this app, I would ask them to download the following application:

Similar Video Calling/Conference/Meeting Apps – Google Meet, Skype, imo, Cisco Webex, Google Duo

  • With the help of the above mentioned application you will be able to take advantage of Video call easily.

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